Healthy Companies Mentalpage

Healthy Companies Mentalpage

Improve your team's mental health

We help people get to know themselves better, self-motivate and boost their mental strength.

We do this from ethical data, respect for personal data and with a firm vocation for service.

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Top Rated Tool for Intrapersonal Intelligence

The most complete

Mentalpage solves with different applications so that you can capture your level of performance, your feelings, memories, reflections, dreams, history and goals.

Mentalpage is useful for the entire community

It will always be with you

Mentalpage will be there whenever you need it, without distractions. A space for reflection just for you.

Mentalpage is useful for the entire community

We just want me to help you

From the beginning it was born to help, to be a de-stressor that lowers anxiety levels through reflection to self-motivate.

Cooking Yourself Is Peace

It is a space designed to reflect, describe your performance, your experiences and your thoughts. Use the time you spend on Mentalpage to renew yourself and take a deep breath. If you incorporate this period of time into your routines, it will help you enter a state of calm.

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Mentalpage Personal Diary Online. For psychological consultations.

Always secret, with Mentalpage

Always secret, encrypted and secure

- No one can read what you write.
- We will never share your information with third parties.
- Cannot be used on two devices at once.
- We may need to give you some notice or notification.
- The content is yours, it's up to you.

Always encrypted

Ethics & Values

- Respect, security and protection of Personal Data.
- You own your Information.
- Application development and ethical innovation.
- Universality, Transparency and Sustainability.
- Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Get These Superpowers

- More creativity and idea generation.
- Better written and oral expression.
- Bakery and personal organization.
- Comprehension of complex ideas and reasoning.
- Motivation and self-esteem.
- Perspective and understanding of the world.
- Improvement of stress and mental chaos.
- Self-confidence.
- Personal knowledge.
- Concentration and Memory.

Mentalpage Personal Diary Online. For psychological consultations.

Valuing Yourself Has a Reward

Mentalpage helps you treasure all the phrases of encouragement that you think can help you. Use our tools and turn your negative thoughts into positive affirmations. Writing about everything you do is going to show everything you do well.

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Decreases stress

It's going to help you manage the level of anxiety because it's going to help you clarify your ideas during difficult situations. Using our apps in all areas of your life will help you identify the meaning, context, and impact of events that affect you.

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Mentalpage Personal Diary Online. For your health.

Mentalpage Personal Diary Online. For your health.

Connect with yourself

You will be able to emotionally process what you are experiencing. Whether it's dealing with stress or migraines, lowering anxiety, or tying up emotional loose ends, writing 20 minutes a day emotionally will help you gain perspective on your life experience. To be smarter.

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