Listas y prioridades

Listas y Prioridades

Lists and priorities

Ideas, dreams, friends, enemies, projects, loves,... make online lists. Complete your virtual diary with things that you want to keep in mind but that cannot be put in any agenda. You can also set tasks, it is very useful to add to your personal diary. You will have them for yourself whenever you want and you can cross them off virtually as you get them.

Create your Lists privately and encrypted


Lists & Priorities
ActivityArea of influencePeriodicity
Make a list of those moments you want to banish
Make a list of all those little things you can do for yourself to increase your positivity
Make a list of those qualities that you want your personal relationships to bring to you
Make a list of those qualities that do not bring you any benefit and therefore you want to eliminate from your life<
Make a list of all your positive qualities
Make a list of what makes you different
Area of influencePeriodicity
IIIntrapersonal IntelligencePPunctual
AEEmotional Self-MotivationSMIntrapersonal Intelligence
NNaturalness / Authenticity