Who we are at Mentalpage

We created Mentalpage because we needed a tool for reflection.

We decided to develop a platform that would contain all the necessary tools to reflect and self-motivate. We had found that writing about what was stressing us decreased our stress levels, our anxiety, and freed our minds to focus on what matters.

We are very happy, because there are hundreds of thousands of people using mentalpage from more than 60 countries around the world.

MentalPage Team

Learn about our history

Our Story

We are a team of developers who have been designing web platforms for schools and schools since 2009.
They could perform all kinds of functions, from making requests or updating data in administration or sending homework to a teacher or enrolling and paying fees.

Our history since 2014

Since 2014

We decided to start developing Mentalpage because we asked ourselves: what is happening on the Internet that is all popularity, self-promotion and social media? And it occurred to us that Mentalpage would be the anti-social network, that it would be handled the same, but that everything that happened inside would be for you and only for you.

Anthropology, pedagogy, psychology and didactics

Anthropology, pedagogy, psychology and didactics

From the beginning we knew that the tool we were developing responded to a basic human need, creativity, mathematics and writing is one of the main anthropological characteristics.
We soon discovered that reflection and emotions are very important in learning and memory and that our tool responded to these pedagogical needs.

We are a team of good people

We're still a small team, but we'll grow soon. Designers, back-end developers, front-end developers, iOS and Android developers, marketing,...

One of the most important parts of the team are the advisors: philosophers, pedagogues, psychologists, teachers, lawyers and economists. Friends, everyone.

MentalPage Team

Our values, at Mentalpage

Our Values

  • We are ethical and creative people, who are the kind of people who should move the world.
  • The most important thing is the people, both the team members and the mentalpagers. Our community.
  • We want to help level the world and for people to learn to self-motivate, to know themselves, to self-regulate, to remember and to live fully.
Our Ambassadors

Mentalpage is not just your team, all mentalpagers are part of our community.

Some simply enjoy it, others recommend it with great affection to other people, others set up workshops and teach other people how to handle it, others send tasks to be done on Mentalpage, others use mentalpage to make records of their work, reports or doctoral theses.

Mentalpage is a place to work

Mentalpage is a place to work

And not only because it's a software tool that you work on, it's not a toy or a social network, in mentalpage you learn to face yourself.

The company Mentalage takes care of its equipment.

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You will be able to enjoy a personal daily toolkit online anytime, anywhere and from any device. Fits your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile or cellular devices. Always have your diary at hand but always in a safe place and away from the eyes of others.

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For Educational Centers

Make students more emotionally intelligent.

Get to know the students better, their circumstances, their personalities, their motivations and their interests. Get them to know themselves and write about the sensations experienced in class, they will enhance and accelerate their learning because feelings are the glue of memory.

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