How can you get information about our pricing?

The price of the Service offered on the Website by Mentalpage will depend on the Plan you have decided to contract.

Currently, Mentalpage offers different Subscriptions that you will have access to through the "Plans" section on the Website.

The method of payment for the Services will be made at your choice, choosing one of the payment methods provided by Mentalpage through the Website.

How can you renew the contracted Services?

The Services will be automatically renewed, and in the case of the Emotional Educational Centers Initiative, also the number of Seats contracted at the time of renewal.

However, you will have the ability to cancel the Services:

On Mentalpage Personal when you notify us of your intention to cancel the Services in writing by sending an email to 15 (15) days prior to the end date of your Subscription.

On a Mentalpage for Emotional Educational Centers when the Owner notifies us of its intention to cancel the Services in writing by sending an email to thirty (30) days prior to the end date of your Subscription.

If you purchased your Subscription with a discount coupon, you will have that discount for the period set out in that coupon. Therefore, at the end of this period, the contracted Plan will be renewed for the amount without discount included in our "Plans" section. You further agree to pay any past due fees applicable to the Service, in addition to all fees related thereto, and agree to reimburse Mentalpage for any charges or interest on any past due amounts, including, if applicable, any associated fees, and any applicable taxes and fees. Please note that any non-payment may result in the termination of your Subscription.

How can you cancel the contracted Services?

The ability to cancel the contracted Services will only be held by the owner of a Personal Mentalpage and the Owner in a Mentalpage Emotional Educational Center, notifying within the deadlines indicated in the previous section, that is, thirty (30) days before the renewal of the Subscription.

To cancel a Subscription, you must access your Mentalpage and select "Cancel my plan" in the settings section, in the case of making the payment by bank card. In the case of making payments with PayPal you must do it from your PayPal account. Once cancelled, the Mentalpage will continue to have the contracted Services until the end of the period of your Subscription. In any case, once you have cancelled, if you wish, you can re-hire our services whenever you want. Please note that cancellation will in no case entail a refund of the amounts paid. Payments are non-refundable and no refunds or credits will be provided for partial periods of your monthly or annual Subscription. Once you have cancelled the Subscription, it will take effect from the moment following the end of the Plan you have contracted, at which time you will have the new Plan chosen or, failing that, a Basic Plan.

Can you exercise withdrawal?

Our Services involve the immediate availability of digital content from the moment it is contracted, so you will not be able to request a refund of the amounts paid. If you wish to cancel the Services once you have contracted them, you must follow the cancellation process indicated in the previous section. However, consent to the processing of personal data may be withdrawn at any time in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

What plans can I purchase?

The free plans convert to Basic plans, you also have the Cloud, Pro, Teams, and Club Plan. Outside the catalog is the 4ever Premium Plan that can no longer be purchased.

When and how will we change the Terms and Conditions?

Due to the inclusion of new features, changes to our Services, or organizational issues, we may need to modify the Terms and Conditions. In any case, we will inform you of all modifications we make at least thirty (30) days in advance. Likewise, in order to continue using the Website and the Services provided by Mentalpage, your express acceptance of the new versions of the Terms and Conditions will be required.