Objectives and goals

Metas y Objetivos

Objectives and goals

Set the goals you want and rate yourself as you get closer to them. Cheer up, there´s less left. In a qualitative way you can motivate yourself from this personal diary. The virtual diary adds utilities privately so that, online, you can follow the achievement of your goals.

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Objectives and Goals
ActivityArea of influencePeriodicity
Set your "meta mentalpage": Write more and more often
Set long-term goals and the objectives you need to achieve to get there
Set rewards for each of the goals you meet (for the final goals they will be higher)
Set small daily goals and objectives that make you improve and allow you to indulge in small treats
Set a goal to be more and more transparent
Set Increasingly Ambitious Fitness Goals
Area of influencePeriodicity
IIIntrapersonal IntelligencePPunctual
AEEmotional Self-MotivationSMWeekly / Monthly
NNaturalness / Authenticity