Mental Strength of the Athlete

Itineraries Mental Strength of the Athlete

Mental Strength of the Athlete

Achieve success as an athlete. Body and mind. Know your emotions to control them, learn to manage your thoughts and behave positively within your circumstances.

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Activities Mental Strength of the Athlete

To reach the top in the world of sports we need the athlete to be strong in body and mind. They must perfect their qualities in a comprehensive way in a constant and controlled manner.

Consistency, resilience and discipline will enhance all their qualities and they will be able to achieve success.

Keeping a journal specialized in and for athletes is going to be a tremendously powerful habit for all areas of life, but being able to record everything that happens around your life as an athlete and your daily life is going to discipline you and empower you. your personal intelligence, your emotional health and your results as an athlete.

The athlete´s diary will help you keep track of all the work done, your biography where you collect successes, failures and feelings from day to day (quite a legacy), your goals and objectives, your virtues and defects, your intellectual skills and competencies, your injuries and the daily routine of training, competitions and even your heart rate.

Put your mind in a position to achieve success.

Put your mind in a position to achieve success.


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Activities Mental Strength of the Athlete

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Know yourself:

This Year´s Goals: Only if you know what you want can you achieve it.You will have to self-evaluate:

  • Sports Goals: Make a list of your goals and write a short description of what you are going to do and when you want to achieve it.

Strengths and weaknesses: Identifying and working on both your virtues and defects as an athlete is key to your success..You will have to self-evaluate:

  • Defects and Virtues as an athlete: Use the selector to choose whether what you are going to upload is a virtue or a defect.

Emotional Intelligence: The winner may be the most Emotionally Intelligent.You will have to self-evaluate:

  • Relaxation: At the beginning it is normal to feel nervous, but it is something that we must learn to eliminate because it can negatively affect our goal. A 10 would be calm and a 0 would be very nervous.
  • Activation: The degree of activation is something very personal. It is the level of physical activation in which our body is when the start is called and can be adjusted with the warm-up. 0 would be when at first "your legs don´t work" and 10 when you have eaten
  • Domain: A 10 is when the athlete is completely master of his game and his physical characteristics. That his self-control is preventing factors external to him from controlling or manipulating him: public, judges, opponent or others.
  • Trust and Security: A 10 is when we remain firm and positive no matter what happens until the final whistle. If negative thoughts take over you, give yourself a bad grade and learn for the next one.
  • Self motivation: Self-assess with what motivation you show up to training or competition. Remember that your motivation can be what makes the difference. If you didn´t feel like going to train or compete, don´t give yourself a good grade.
  • Fear: If you can´t eliminate fear from your mind, give yourself a bad grade. Get rid of the fear of failing, of losing, of not knowing how to do something difficult or the fear of what people will say. Think: I can and I will achieve it!
  • Concentration: Develop the connection between body and mind by being completely focused on the training and concentration while you are doing it. This way you will get the most out of the exercises.

Competitions: Each competition is important for the athlete on the path to success.You will have to self-evaluate:

  • Competitions: Some brief information about the competition:

Injuries: It is important that you keep track of your injuries.You will have to self-evaluate:

  • Injuries: Load the data you know and then complement the entry.

Sports journal: Knowing yourself is one of the keys to success. Write every day you exercise, get used to it..You will have to self-evaluate:

  • Daily Control: Talk about how training has improved your virtues and eliminated your defects, how a climate, a time or another affects you. How have you felt with the coach, your teammates and the training place.

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Emotional Intelligence Activities Workshop.Mental Strength of the Athlete

Benefits of Mental Strength of the Athlete

Journaling has the benefit of venting about yourself. It's a mental exercise that you can put into practice on a daily basis.

Here are the benefits:

  • - It allows you to get organized.
  • - Preserve memories.
  • - Helps correct errors.
  • - Encourages creativity.
  • - Strengthens memory.
  • - Promotes habits.
  • - Promotes physical and emotional health.
  • - You learn from yourself.

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