My most complete secret diary with a convenient system for journaling.


Self-motivation to achieve your daily goals

If there is an online personal diary software on the Internet that with tools such as Lists and Priorities, Goals and Objectives or Motivational Quotes, is able to help you achieve your dreams, that is Mentalpage.

Self-Motivation Journal

Accessible from any device

Multi-Device Secret Diary

You can enjoy your personal diary online anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Fits your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile or cellular devices. Always have your diary at hand but always in a safe place and away from the eyes of others.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal Intelligence

They recommend the best courses and master's degrees for teachers on the development of the theory of Multiple Intelligences as the best ICT tool to enhance intrapersonal intelligence. Journaling will make you smarter, and you'll face your life knowing yourself.

The security of your information is our priority

The security of your information is our priority

We work with a 100% unique key encryption system for each user and variant key. We have an SSL certificate that guarantees safe browsing, secure storage and we are subject to CyberCheck security audits, so that it is a secret diary. Only you will be able to access your diaries, documents, images, videos and audios.

Continuously improving and developing

Last updated February 21, 2024

We are continuously improving and developing in every way. We care about security, user experience, the speed of our applications, and technological improvement. In this latest update, we've developed the last four apps for your journal.

We help to improve the environment

We help to improve the environment

According to the latest environmental study, it has been proven that for every 1000 people who write their personal diary here, we save the planet a ton of wood per year that would be used to produce the sheets of paper for your life diary.

My Personal Diary: Cloud Storage

Mentalpage is a cloud-native app, you don't need to have files on your device.
Sort all types of media files: videos, audios, documents, photos,...

Diary with videos

My Personal Journal: A Legacy of Memories and Wisdom

With the app to make timelines day by day and with 52 Questions that will help you write your autobiography, your experiences and those of those who accompany you will be recorded.

The personal diary is a legacy

Choose the Mentalpage plan that's right for you



A journal to write ∞ sheets about your life, record your thoughts and worries, and organize it into sheets. Whether you know or don't know how to write an intimate diary, this is the app for you.



You will be able to add to your virtual diary ∞ links to web pages that matter privately to you. You can create folders and sort them online. Your links are always at hand.



Expand your secret diary with virtual timelines in which to upload your ∞ milestones, anecdotes and things you want to order in time.



A life diary is best with lists ∞ of ideas, dreams, projects, loves,... You'll have them for yourself whenever you want and you can cross them off virtually as you get them.



This private diary will help you achieve your goals, score as you meet your goals and get closer to them.



They will help you, in your daily life, to make decisions. Very simple and very useful. Pros and cons to making a decision.



A private diary isn't just letters, numbers matter: Keep an online counter of whatever you want. You decide what to count and when to add or subtract to your counter.



Indicating how you've been feeling with a simple emoticon and being able to visualize a historical graph is a great addition to my diary. Example: humor, joy, concentration, affectivity, security,... It's up to you.



Put on a positive, because you feel like it, because you've earned it. It boosts your emotional intelligence, being aware of your growth helps your self-motivation. Grow the factors that determine your personal growth.



It is said that having images of your dreams in view and repeating quotes that determine your personality will help you achieve your goals. This virtual journal will help you do just that.



¿Quieres tener una autobiografía? Te proponemos un reto: Un año tiene 52 semanas. Hemos preparado 52 preguntas. Si respondes una por semana, al acabar el año, habrás escrito el libro de tu vida. Disfruta de tu escritura creativa. Do you want to have an autobiography? Here's a challenge: A year has 52 weeks. We have prepared 52 questions. If you answer one a week, by the end of the year, you will have written the book of your life. Enjoy your creative writing.

1 per weekWhen you answer the previous oneWhen you answer the previous one


Invite and be invited to share the parts of your mentalpage that you want. There are parts of my personal diary that we share with other people. Indicate which ones and to whom. Create a circle of trust.

You can be a guest (guest), optional host


Archive all the folders of the different applications you want to leave for the memory and thus leave space for your day to day. You can always turn them back on. These are things that are there, but they are from the past. Preserve your memories



Sort and keep all your private files secret and encrypted. Documents, images, audios, videos, presentations, pdfs, spreadsheets... Make folders and keep everything handy and safe.

NO10 GB20 GB


Create profiles of loved ones, medical histories, characters from your books, patients, clients, companies, projects,... . You can then create applications on top of them (e.g. diaries, charts, documents, timelines, etc.) and make them part of that profile.

€1/year or €4/5 years
€3/month or €29/year
€6/month or €59/year

Plan for Professionals

Easily create profiles of students, patients, clients, projects, and offer or receive read permissions to whom it applies. The Profiles and Viewers utilities will help you do that.

Personal Diary for Teachers


Start Writing Your
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Technology at the service of feelings. Leave a legacy of wisdom. Keep your memories safe.