Emotional Education Activities 360s

Implement 360 Emotional Education Activities in your School.

Mentalpage integrates Emotional Education Activities for Secondary students. Provides exhaustive information for prevention and emotional guidance.

Increasing self-esteem, self-knowledge, detecting disruptive behaviors and reducing stress is now easier.

Mentalpage Personal Diary Online. For Educational Centers

Top Rated Tool for Intrapersonal Intelligence

Top rated

They recommend the best courses and master's degrees for teachers on the Development of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences as the best ICT tool to enhance Intrapersonal Intelligence. Journaling will make you smarter, and you'll face your life knowing yourself.

Mentalpage is useful for the entire educational community

Annual Tutoring Plan

Mentalpage has a plan to promote emotional education in tutoring. By a full center or by a smaller group. It is used by thousands of high school tutors.

Proposed Activities to Implement Emotional Education in the ICT Classroom

15 Apps as Educational Resources

The Resources You'll Want to Use

All the necessary tools to enhance online self-knowledge:
Personal Diary, Lists & Priorities, Goals and Objectives, Timelines, Comparison Tables,Counter Charts, Level Charts, Motivational Quotes, Growths, Secret Links

For Secondary.

Emotional Intelligence Program for Secondary School from 12 to 16 years old.

Mentalpage achieves what seemed impossible: that the student enjoys reflecting. When we provide them with all the tools to enhance their Emotional Intelligence, we get students who are more aware and involved in their personal growth. They even become aware of their accomplishments.

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For Secondary.

Get these superpowers, with Mentalpage:

  • More creativity and idea generation.
  • Better written and oral expression.
  • Bakery and personal organization.
  • Comprehension of complex ideas and reasoning.
  • Motivation and self-esteem.
  • Perspective and understanding of the world.
  • Improvement of stress and mental chaos.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Personal knowledge.
  • Concentration and Memory.
El tool kit personal para toda la vida

A personal tool kit for life

The habit of writing a personal diary and rethinking with the help of mentalpage will always accompany them. The school will have permanently contributed to the good habits of the student.

Distance Education with mentalpage

Distance Education

Everyone Involved, Wherever They Are.

Mentalpage activates emotional connection anywhere. Tools to help with self-assessment, self-knowledge and online multiplatform guided reflection.

Mentalpage Personal Diary Online. For Educational Centers.

The Tutors and the Department of Pedagogy

The role of tutors, the true oracle. They will have an Annual Plan to enhance Emotional Intelligence in adolescents.

Get to know the students better, their circumstances, their personalities, their motivations and their interests. Get them to know themselves and write about the sensations experienced in class, they will enhance and accelerate their learning because feelings are the glue of memory.

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Emotionally Healthy Educational Centers

Year-Round Tutoring Plans Adjustable with the Center Project

Mentalpage covers the need for schools to have a positive impact on the Intrapersonal Intelligence of the entire school group. Tutors can enhance written expression, resulting in students with greater self-esteem, more motivated, more aware and with greater self-confidence. The entire centre will add soft skills and digital skills.

It's the change you've been waiting for.

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Mentalpage Personal Diary Online. For Educational Centers.

Centro Mentalpage, of course.

Mentalpage Personal Diary Online. For Educational Centers.

Emotional Educational Centers

Everyone wants to be Mentalpage Centers.

The use of Mentalpage in schools of all kinds continues to grow and many have already joined the initiative. a commitment to interactive Emotional Education with many advantages for the whole school.

The Smart Hubs Initiative fosters the empowerment of Intrapersonal Intelligence in hubs around the world. It doesn't matter the size, modality and educational stage. How?.
Using Mentalpage.

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